H and R Ranch miniature herefords

H and R Ranch miniature herefords


For sale

This is not a complete list of calves available, call for more details.

Here at H and R Ranch we take pride in having quality animals that can perform well in any setting.  In the end all cattle MUST be able to perform in the pasture whether breeding or being a cow, raising calves without assistance.  We sell our cattle with a breeding guarantee, these cows will have functioning reproductive tracts and breeding age bulls (18+ months of age) will not only pass a BSE but must also breed a cow natural cover.  

Don't lose sight of what your goals are when you are buying cattle or starting a herd.  All of our registered offspring will have a complete DNA panel (including MSUD) with the AHA and be AI/ET permitted unless they are steers.  Polled cattle come with a horn/poll test so that their exact number of polled genes are known (homozygous or heterozygous.)

We will happily provide copies of all DNA test results to prospective buyers upon request.  

Calves are sold throughout the year by private treaty, please call Holly for the most current availability.